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In our training centers located in Istanbul Yesilkoy and Kosuyolu, intensive special education services are offered between 4 and 40 sessions per week in accordance with international standards for children, adolescents and adults aged 0-24 who are diagnosed with autism or are at risk. Our training services are based on the Applied Behavior Analysis Model known as ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) in our country. ABA is accepted by scientific circles in the world as the scientific and most effective education model known for children with autism.
Scientific researches and our experience have revealed that about half of children with autism who receive intensive ABA training before the age of 5 can lead a life like their normally developing peers in their later years.
All of our training programs are carried out in cooperation with the Alliance for Scientific Autism Intervention (ASAI) in America and are evaluated every year. Almost more than half of the children who start our education programs before the age of 5 are able to transition to a regular school and do not need special education again. The success of these children is the result of their systematic and professional ABA education in line with their principles.

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